Food in cosmetics! Yes it's true!

Each brand creates and designs the products it offers to the consumer based on its own philosophy. We believe in fresh raw materials and edible ingredients that in turn compose quality, fresh
-- innovative products. We believe that no cosmetic can be
just as effective as a fresh one. For this reason, every day we look for and collect fresh, healthy ingredients to fill our kitchen refrigerators as these as soon as they are used retain their beneficial effects and act much more effectively and directly on the skin.

After a lot of researches and studies, thousands of productions and countless recipe compositions, we found that many ingredients that make up
Cosmetics are also used in cooking or confectionery and respectively many edible ingredients have excellent beneficial properties on the skin. Always guided by our love for nature and science but also a special passion for ... cuisine, we created the BeautyMeals series. A fresh daily - healthy and delicious skin menu consisting of fresh, handmade meals.

The Body Cheesecakes series are prepared one by one once a week in order to keep them fresh and based on -ours - a unique combination of cosmetics and confectionery recipes. They are then packaged and placed in their containers in the form of an upside down cheesecake. Each layer is a separate product: at the base we place the handmade jam from fresh fruits or vegetables, in between, the fluffy body butter and as a coating, the combination of different grains that we collect for mild or hard exfoliation. The mixing of these layers creates an outpouring of aromas from fruits and vegetables, special textures but most importantly, a new product with multiple actions.

The recipe of our handmade jam of fresh beets, sweet pumpkin and juicy banana, the delicious peanut body butter for hydration, the granola, the uncooked lentils, the crunchy corn flakes for peeling, the raw eggs for shine, the special cellulite and many more fruits, vegetables, legumes, pasta, nuts and spices, combine their ... actions and become cosmetic products, offering a unique experience to your skin and senses!



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