private label


Features of our services in Private Label

Genesis  and   growing  of your   innovative  cosmetics “children”.

Let us creating the big deal for you.

It would be much easier for us to create 2, 3 or more lines, so you choose among them the products you want to create. But this is not our goal.

What we want to become is “the surrogate mother” for your cosmetic. We want to “give birth” and “raise” your “child”, exactly the way you want to! Because for us your cosmetics are your children and if you don’t love something deeply it is impossible to achieve the slightest thing..

You don’t have to get tired. Just inform us about what you think and plan. Even if you don’t have any idea, we will find it for you…

Exceptional manufacturing capabilities, market tested formulas, and rapid turnaround times define our private label service and guarantee. We know that your customers trust your brand and we can help expand your base and influence in the skincare market.

Work with our experienced team to craft   the right custom formula, packaging and design.  

Choose one of the following plans:


  1. Select from our existing product range
  2. Choose your desired packaging materials from our big range of in stock lists.
  3. Determine your range and quantities:
  •  For existing natural formulations: 500 pcs/item (for a minimum selection of 4 items)
  • For existing natural formulations, for 1 single product: 1,000 pcs/item 
  • For existing Vegan and organic formulations: 1,000 pcs/item (for a minimum selection of 2 items)

and create your own branded cosmetic 'instantly'.....



  1. Request for any unique and customised formulation
  2. Let us develop it for you
  3. Become owner of the unique and innovative formulation 
  4. Launch it with as few as:
  • 1,000 pcs/item (for a minimum selection of 2 items)
  • 3,000 pcs/item for a single formulation selection