UnitamuronTM H-22-The Vegetal hyaluronic acid

UnitamuronTM H-22, thanks to its film-forming and moisture-regulating polysaccharides,   extracted from tamarind seeds, is able to promote a high level of hydration to recover the youthfulness of the skin:

UnitamuronTM H-22   CLINICAL TEST:

  • Thanks to its great propensity to capture water, UnitamuronTM H-22   improves skin hydration by 17% after 8 days.
  • Over the two weeks of treatment, UnitamuronTM H-22 confirms its capacity to   improve skin hydration by 42%  compared to hyaluronic acid.
  • After 14 days, UnitamuronTM H-22   improves skin elasticity by 36%.



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