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The first pharmacy bearing the Sodis name was opened in Chios island, having long and rich charity action (sharing by free drugs to hospitals and poor people)


In 1939 another pharmacy was opened in Egypt, while in 1955 thefounder of our company entered the profession, taking over the pharmacy on Chios. A personality of great energy, with a profound and pure faith in the island of Chios, he has played a full role in public life and occupied the offices of member of parliament (1974- 1981), mayor, president of the Chios Pharmaceutical Society and of the Chios Yacht Club.


In 1975 he became the exclusive importer of French cosmetics (Mary Cohr & Guinot) to the island and at the same time established acosmetics laboratory, unprecedented for that time and for the Aegean region, where he used his own expertise and the know-how of the French to manufacture his own version of the French cosmetics.


Following the traditions of research laid down by his forefathers, Sodis has updated dozens of old remedies, as well as creatingnew products; in the early 1980’s he launched – in a commercial packaging – the world’s first mastic-based cosmetic, the Masticdent toothpaste, with special healing properties for the gums. Almost all the products we sell today have their origins in the research and experimentation carried out by Ioannis Sodis.


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