Cellulite: Causes and Treatment

  1. To begin with, any weight loss should be done in a slow and stable way, so that the adipose cell mass is gradually reduced, while weight fluctuations do not help its definite treatment at all.
  2. Our diet must be moderate in saturated fat, like fried food, margarine, too much meat and dairy. Any attempt for cellulite treatment that doesn’t aim at the right diet, will not be effective. Fresh vegetable and fruit consumption plays a basic role in cellulite treatment.
  3. Increased hydrations is an ally to cellulite treatment, as it improves detoxification and lymph relief, which results in the improvement of how cellulite looks.
  4. Finally, exercise, in combination with good hydration, strengthens the connective tissue of the skin, removes the toxins from the lymphatic system and relieves the skin and the body from oxidizing agents that damage collagen, while contributing to weight loss and reduction of adipose cell mass. So, cellulite treatment should always be associated with physical exercise.
  5. The choice for the appropriate cosmetic treatment!




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