Proudly Rated as the No 2  Best Cosmetics Factory in Europe*!

Proudly Rated as the No 2 Best Cosmetics Factory in Europe*!


Our new 7,000 s.m Alchemist Labs laboratories  are a model research centre of novel and pure ingredients for the creation and production of absolute pure,  Vegan and Organic cosmetics
Our factory according to Essentia Pura article,  rated as the No 2 Best Cosmetics factory in Europe * and among Top 25 in the U.S.A!**
Equipped with ultramodern production and packaging machines, with a constant education and updating of the staff , they create any type of cosmetic product, that absolutely covers products for the needs of the modern woman.
We are a Greek company with more than 45 years of experience in manufacturing cosmetic products. We specialize in vegan and organic products. Our facilities have EU GMP and are registered with US FDA. We offer a fantastic range of products like black spot removal, skin whitening cream, anti-wrinkle formulations, eye life serums, and much more.
Our advantange is that we work with small minimum order quantities. Usually, we may agree with as few as 300 packs of a product. Needless to say, that each product will be labeled as per the client’s requirements.
  According Essentia Pura Article :  The information provided  has undergone a thorough research process by a team of writers, editors, legal advisors, and medical experts to guarantee accuracy. Only reputable sources have been cited.
** Source:Cosmetics Index


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