Whichever facial,body or hair care product you choose you should know that it is designed free of Parabens, Mineral Oil, Ethanolamine, Triethinolamine and PropyleneGlycols and plant Extracts.


All of our productsare created after research to use the most active and up-to-date ingredients toensure the health of every woman's skin.


Anti-aging and astringent agent.Water-soluble OPCs vitamin E mixture, it acts as an anti-aging and astringent agent and contributes to the reduction of skin reaction.


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 Flab reduction 

Balances oiliness 



Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal action, moisture, soothing.The scientific community came to confirm and sub-stantiate the benefits of Mastic of Chios though scientific studies. Its beneficial multi-action is now widely accepted.Mastic presents a significant antibacterial, antifun- gal and anti-infectious action, helps in wound healing and has regenerating and moisturizing properties. It prevents peptic system disorders, helps maintain oral hygiene by acting against plaque and reduces gum irritation. It also provides a protective shield against harmful sun rays and is a natural anti-oxidant.Its unique, therapeutical and beneficial properties have been proved today by clinical and laboratory studies.


Nourishing and rejuvenating properties.It is rich in essential oils and vitamins A, P, E, lecithin and proteins. It has nourishing and rejuvenating assets for all skin types.



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