Week 2 - till up November 28

In the Alchemist Labs family we refuse to give in to fear and despair! 

The nightmare of COVID-19 made us more human, united us with our emotions, showed us that all societies and countries are a big family.

We are sure that in the era after COVID-19 a better humanity will dawn and above all it will remind us of the meaning of the word SOLIDARITY!

This year at Alchemist Labs we will celebrate Christmas from today on!

Not alone, but with our customers, current and future. Because without all of you, our existence would have no value.

 From today we create the ‘CHRISTMALCHEMIST’ WEEKS!

 Up to -50%!

Every Christmalchemist week will be bright, optimistic, innovative a nd full of discounts and offers up to -50%! Every week with different products!

PS. 1st ChristmAlchemist Week's inventory run out after just 2 days!! You went through any expectation and you bought everything we had online!

We thank you all !!  


for further information e-mail us to: or Live Chat